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Avg Internet Security 2011

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2011 Antivirus Security Program Computer

The AVG Internet Security is the best computer security software by AVG. It can create a firewall, perform constant scans for threats such as worms, trojans, malware, spyware, and adware. It can protect users online and offline as well. It also scans newly installed programs and can stop programs halfway if a something suspicious is detected.

To me, AVG Internet Security 2011 is the only protection I need. It basically covers everything and effectively as well. The installation of this antivirus took quite a while. I installed it on my netbook and it took roughly 20 minutes. This is probably because I was running other programs at the same time. After the installation is complete, I can get onto the AVG security menu.

This "menu" is very detailed outlining all the components of this antivirus. It is basically a list of coverage. If there is a check mark beside it, it shows that AVG has got that area protected. The concept is simply all the areas should have a green checkmark beside it. Luckily, I did have all the areas protected.

I opened up Acer Games, a pre-installed games menu by Acer, and AVG notified me that there is something suspicious. I was told that there is a malware in the Acer Games program and AVG asked me if I wanted to continue. I decided not to and uninstalled Acer Games. Sadly, I lost some games, but it was the safest thing to do. I noticed that this antivirus has scan types. For example, this antivirus would take up less memory if I am using up a lot of memory. This way, AVG is only performing a background scan so it won't disturb what I am doing. If I am away from the computer, AVG will then rapidly scan my computer and take up a lot of my memory. What I'm trying to say is that AVG can control the CPU usage. This is great, because I find some antivirus programs can't take a hint when they are not wanted. I used Symantec for a while and it would occasionally freeze up my computer.

One thing I did notice about AVG Internet Security 2011 is the slow update. Updates aren't frequent, but they take up a long time to complete when one is required. There's an option to manually update the software, which is very useful. When I am outdoors or when I am busy, it would be a bad time for AVG to update its software. However, it would be great time to update when I am not using the computer. I would simply turn on my computer and click "update". This is a very useful antivirus and it gets the job done.