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Avg Virus Protection

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karen By karen on
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My husband and I wanted to update our virus protection for our computers. There are just too many viruses going around, and we didn't feel safe using our computers without proper protection.

We have three computers (one desktop and two laptops) that we were concerned about, so my husband purchased AVG 8.5 online. We were able to get protection for three computers for about $100.00. I really didn't want to spend that much money at this time, but I wanted even less to get a virus and jeopardize my info on my computer, so we decided that it was a worthwhile investment.

So far the program has been great. We were able to download it onto one computer and get protection immediately, plus I received an email with an activation number to allow us to put it on our other computers. It seems like a good program. It checks everything on the hard drive and alerts me to any threats. Plus, and this is a feature I really like, if I am surfing the web and want to open a certain site, it will alert me if there is a possible threat on that site and steer me away from it. Also, it can be uninstalled from one computer and installed on another computer, as long as the total number of computers using the program is three (that was the particular package we bought).

I feel much safer now when I use the computer knowing that it is protected by AVG. Of course, time will tell how good the program really is, but so far I like it.