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Avira Antivir Malware Personal Quite Effective

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lexxia By lexxia on
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When my last favorite antivirus program decided it wanted to up the anty and began bugging me about an "enhanced subscription" I decided that I'd look into another program first. Although the previous anti-virus program was fine my sons had installed a program called Avira Antivir and they were raving about it.

For as little as 19.95 Euro dollars, your computer can have the ultimate in antiviral and anti-malware protection. I decided to first download the Free Personal versionbefore actually committing to anything. After installation I was surprised when I fired up the browser and went to a site that I'd never had any problems with previously and the software alerted me to a javascript that was suspect. The script was harmless but the fact that the software actually recognized it as a possible malware threat that no other program had done made me wonder if perhaps this program was a little wonky.

Since then I've been alerted to websites that during my general course of surfing have had issues and rather than loading the site fully, the software stops it and asks if you want to continue - providing you with the option to check out the problem from the Avira database to determine if you want to take the chance and override the warning or choose to no longer access the page by "denying" access. The sites I was stopped on where ones that were suppose to contain legitimate information and the search information would show them as sites that had information I was looking for on them, but there would be a script that was suspect and so I decided to pay attention.

Just a few minutes ago I did a routine scan and immediately it located a tracebot which I gather I got from a site I was on the other day selling ebooks - again it was harmless, nothing more than a bot that was used to trace my steps on the site I'd been on - but it caught it and I was able to quarantine it so that it won't bother me again. I've reviewed the information for each of the threats received, all which have been "low" - and they are all legitimate threats that could do things such as track my journey on the net but in my opinion, none of the other programs I've used have gone quite that far - particularly not if they are the free version.

Overall, this program runs quietly in the background, very unobtrusively using very little in the way of resources compared to other anti virus program I've used previously. The company has apparently been in the Antivirus industry for over 20 years and their website has a large amount of info and regularly updated virus warnings to keep you up to date.

So far, I'd have to say that this is one of the more thorough programs I've used - the only thing I'm not too crazy about - but it does work - is that there is an alarm - even if you don't have your speakers turned on, it will eminate a beep which is loud enough that you notice it, in the event it locates something it wants you to be aware of.

The free version has a pop up every time it updates the database which can get a little annoying, but it only updates about 2 times a day unless there is something very new and urgent. To rid yourself of that, you simply purchase one of the paid editions available - overall, for a free program, this one has my vote as being an easy to use, customizable and effective viral/malware scanner that has done a great job of convincing me a purchase will be money well spent.