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Aviva Waterpark Splash Zone

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Olin Froid By Olin Froid on
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When I think water, and I think exercise, it is usually not associated with the word "fun"...but what if there was something out there that DID associate those words together? There is, and it is called The Aviva Splash Zone. The Aviva Splash Zone is a mini-waterpark in your own backyard, of course only if your backyard has a pond or backs up to a lake. The fun component is a given, but trust me, this is a water exercise adventure.

Start with the trampoline. Although fun, trampolines are used for exercise and rehab to help with quick reaction times and motion-less stressful than jumping on cement and more challenging with its ground reaction forces, a trampoline will help to build leg and core strength for the young and old alike.

This unit also has a balance beam/log that you can try to cross without falling in. Balance and proprioception is focused in on here, as you try your best not to fall in to the water below. The uneven surface forces all of your muscles to work together, achieving a more unified strength in the legs.

There is also a slide, but that is not really the exercise portion of this unit. But it is an enjoyable part and a nice break from your water workout!

Overall, The Aviva Splash Zone is an opportunity to hide exercise, core strengthening and balance/coordination work in a fun water unit. Don't expect to be tired of using this, but definitely expect to be tired after using it!