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Avoid Burns With Mosquito Coil Holder

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Most every camper will be familiar with mosquito coils. They seem to be the oldest way of lessening the bug problem while you are trying to sleep. However two problems with these coils are the dirty ashes they leave behind, and the risk of burning the table, or even your fingers if you try to pick it up too soon. That's where this handy little contraption comes in.

Coghlan's Mosquito Coil Holder is a round metal holder with screen on the top and bottom. The lid locks into place by means of a small lip that can be rotated to catch underneith the ledge of the bottom layer. (kind of like the lid of a teapot). Once you place the lighted coil inside, you simply lock the lid, and allow the fumes to escape through the screen. The holder can be left on a table, or hung up with the attached cord. Come morning, all you have to do is unlock the lid, and dump out the ashes. No mess. And no burns.

This holder held up very well on our camping trip. The downside is that it only retains its new appearance for one night. Once a coil has burned inside of it, the nice white screen turns grey where it has been hot, leaving the impression of a coil on it. This doesn't seem to weaken the screen at all though. There are no holes in it, and it still holds the coil securily in place.

I would recommend this coil holder particularily if you have children or pets that may get hurt if they get too close.