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Avoid This Like The Plague:

Reviewing: Avanquest Fix It Utilities 9 Professional  |  Rating:
By getbent shutup on
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Avoid this product. I had Fix-it utilities 7 and it workedgreat. This was the new upgraded version that was supposed to be better. It is not. 7 found and repaired over 30 problems when I installed it and never had a major problem after that. I bought this upgrade because it was supposed to fix even more problems. It contains far less, that is user friendly. After less than a year of use, this happens: I go on line and it doesn't really do much until I decide do a search, go to a web page, or anything. Then it begins downloading file after file that are between 5 and a hundred megs. They get loaded into this folder "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avanquest\AntiMalware\Downloads" in doing so they suck up 100% of my network utilization. Then after they load they automatically install using 90+% of CPU time. I am almost always waiting on it to stop. I go away and come back several hours later, to finish what I started, and as soon as I do then next file starts downloading. I have shut off "automatic updates" but that didn't work. At one point I was signing off, before I knew this was going on, due to the fact I wasn't doing anything on line but waiting forever for pages to download. Then I got a low memory warning on my C: drive. I finally tracked down there was nearly 20+ gigs of files filling up this folder. I deleted them all. But this product busily keeps downloading more. Luckily now I just let them run their course and they erase themselves once installed. But frankly I go on line to for a few minutes, I don't have several hours to waste while this product is dragging down my performance. My computer has never been as slow and downloading pages has never taken so long.

Another problem is that this product dowlloads a "registry repair" product which is nothing more than an ad to purchase that product seperately. (7 had that product included in 7, it automatically fixed the problems) in this version it just tells you you have hundreds of "registry problems and that you need to buy the product seperately to fix them.

I used to sing praises about 7 and recommend it to a dozen people with computer problems. But this version has cost Avanquest a customer forever. I will never buy their products again.