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Avon All In One Perfecting Cream Spf15

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I have been trying a lot of different facial care products over the last 6 months or so. I'm kind of obsessed I guess with delaying the effects of aging. I don't have any real wrinkles, just some expression lines( creases ) starting to show up between the eyebrows and maybe some smile lines as well. Other than that my eye area has some fine lines and wrinkles, I have these darn (dark) spots on my nose and cheeks that showed up while I was pregnant that WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!

So when I hear about/see a product that lists all kinds of wonderful ways that it prevents, reverses, fixes, lightens, protects and moisturizes...I usually want to try it.

This Avon Advanced All in One Max is one one of those products. It claims to " DO IT ALL " with a "A maxi smart system that self adjusts for optimum moisturization, exfoliation, and radiance. " it also has UVA protection (spf15).an advanced anitioxident blend, and says it can minimizes fine lines and wrinkles with alpha hydroxy acids.

It says that it is for normal to oily skin.

It also claims that some results (texture and clarity) will be seen in as little as 1 week (100% or users).

In 2 weeks 81 % saw improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

In 4 weeks 100% saw improvement in radiance and over all photo damage.

The Active Ingredients listed are :

Octinoxate 7.5%

Oxybenzoate 4%

Avobenzone 2%

Theres a long list of other ingredients, to see the entire list you can go to the link below



"In the A.M. smooth gently over skin in an upward and outward motion avoiding eye area. Apply before sun exposure".

( This next part made me nervous )

"initially, some individuals, especially those with sensitive skin, may feel a brief tingling sensation.If this continues, wait 15 minutes after cleansing or simply use more sparingly or less frequently"

The warning on the package basically says, for external use only, avoid contact with eyes and eyelids, discontinue use if irritation or a rash appears.Keep out of children"s reach and do not store in direct sunlight.

First of all I have to tell you that this is the thickest cream I have ever tried to put on my face...I should have known or least been expecting it because it IS a CREAM...(it feels more like a body butter!)

It goes on really heavy and greasy feeling ( I didn't see any oils listed in the other ingredients list ).It does absorb really well after 10-15 minutes or so..but I have a REALLY hard time with the way it first feels. Once it soaks in it's great, no more greasy feel, no shiny areas...and it DID make my skin ridiculously smooth.

I didn't really like the way this product smelled.. It seems like they tried to give it somewhat of a fresh scent..it smells good in the jar but, when I put it on my face it smells chemically.

Another thing when I used this product, I did get that tingling sensation they were talking about. Only it was almost a stinging and I also accidentally got it under my eye...a few times and it burned and stung! Almost like a bee sting! I would like to point out that I DO NOT have sensitive skin.

( I strongly suggest NOT using any kind of exfoliating cleanser (even the gentle ones) with this .. I did that only once and it makes it sting worse!)

So I did what they suggested --waited 15 minutes after cleansing ( it helped a little but not much) so I then applied less ( used less than a dime sized amount) and it still tingled ..for about 10-15 minutes.

I never got any rashes, redness, break outs or any really negative effects but I'm impatient and having to WAIT after cleansing, then WAIT for it to absorb so I could put on make up ( total of half an hour or more) was a real drag.

I did however use it for a week (7 days) before I said forget it!

While I was using this, it did lessen the appearance of my annoying dark spots but it was not a lasting effect..more an illusion like it blurred them or something. They were the same after one week...I probably didn't use it long enough but I just couldn't stand it anymore!

I can not comment on the effects it has on wrinkles and fine lines but like I said earlier it did make my skin ridiculously smooth! I kept rubbing my cheek because it didn't feel like my skin! It also did make my skin look "radiant" and refined like they claim it will.

I think people with sensitive skin should be VERY careful and aware if trying/using this product.

I think that this product probably can be beneficial for the right person...I would suggest trying it first by asking an Avon Rep. for a sample. ( One these days I will use this suggestion my self!!!)

I don't think this is for me, I love the way it made my skin feel ( and look) but I just can't stand to put it on my face..the initial feeling before it absorbs, the tingle/sting, and the waiting around for it to do its thing so I can move on with my day is just more of a pain than I'm willing to deal with.

I paid $16.50 for a 1.7oz jar.

I found out after I bought this that it is offered in a lotion form!!! I think I'm going to ask for a sample this time!!