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Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser

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I have oily skin, and acne has been a problem for me almost constantly since 1995. It comes and goes, but nothing I've tried has consistently kept it away. I've tried prescription antibiotics and gels, Proactiv, ClearSkin, and lots of other products for acne-prone skin. They seem to work initially, but they dry my face out or burn after a few days. I eventually abandoned them all because they didn't eliminate or reduce the acne.

I discovered Avon products when I got an email about a sale. The price was definitely right; they had several different products for acne that were almost all under ten dollars. I've certainly paid much more for things that didn't work (and caused me pain and redness).

I bought this Clearskin Immediate Response Cleanser on eBay because it was cheaper than Avon's site. It has a nice smell, unlike most acne cleansers and treatments. This cleanser doesn't really have the gritty, exfoliating granules and beads that most acne scrubs and cleaners have, but I haven't missed them. My face feels clean after I wash it, and my face doesn't get shiny immediately afterwards like it has with so many other cleaners I've tried. I have read that cleaning your face too often and too vigorously can increase oil production, so maybe no harsh exfoliation is the way to go.

The instructions say to wet your face and apply the cleanser, then wait 30 seconds before washing it off. According to the label, you shouldn't use it more than once a day. The active ingredient is salicylic acid 2.0%. The particular size I have is 150 ml or 5.1 fl oz.

I have noticed that my blemishes do go away faster than they used to, but I'm nearly 28 so I'm not sure that can be entirely attributed to the cleaner or to the fact that I'm getting older and hopefully finally outgrowing my acne. But when I look for a face wash I want something that makes my skin feel clean and that isn't too harsh. This cleaner definitely fulfills those requirements. And for four bucks, anyone can afford to try it out. I will continue to use it until it is no longer available (or I no longer need acne cleansers).