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Avon Plump Smooth Lip System

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I have been an avid user of chap stick for most of my life. While staring at my lips one day, I wondered why they had so many lines, since they are always well moisturized. Then it hit me. Those lines were wrinkles!

A well-timed Avon catalog was having a sale on their new Plump & Smooth Lip System. I could try it for $14.00, much lower than the $25.00 average price. I decided to go for it. Lips with vertical lines add years to the look of your face, and lip stick or lip gloss can't cover those wrinkles.

The "system" consists of one end that contains cream to apply to the skin around the mouth. This cream is supposed to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles around the mouth. The other end contains a creamy substance that is to be applied directly to the lips, to diminish lines, increase smoothness, and provide a base for lip stick. For those who think this sounds complicated, don't worry, the two ends are color-coded so the user won't confuse the creams!

The directions recommend applying the two creams twice a day for best results. I have to admit, I rarely remember to put the two creams on at night, because the wand stays in my purse, where my lip stick and lip gloss also reside. After approximately four weeks of use, my results are merely fair. I have not noticed a reduction in the vertical lines in my lips. Would I see results with two applications? I am doubtful.

Because I do not see much wrinkle reduction, I do not feel this product is worth its full asking price. Its saving grace, however, is the cream applied directly to the lips. While this cream may not be stellar as an anti-wrinkle product, it is a great smoother and preparation for lip stick. It smooths like a chap stick without the sticky, heavy coverage some lip balms have. I rarely put on lip stick or lip gloss without applying the "lip" end of the system. Too bad it wasn't sold as a separate product!