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Avon Spf15 Lip Plumper Conditioner Double Retinol

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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When I got this product I was primarily looking for a lip moisturizer with sun protection.I didn't pay attention to the fact that it says it is also a plumping product with DOUBLE the retinol. I never even thought about getting a lip plumper because I have very full lips naturally.I had also assumed that the women who used these kinds of products were using it because they had thin lips.Well, I guess I learned something new.I decided to use this product anyways.


Octinoxcate 7.50%

These are these first 5 "other" ingredients on the list:






I have included the website/ product ingredients list if you would like to view the entire "other ingredients " list.


This has a really light almost citrus kinda smell . It is colorless, it goes on very smoothly and it's in a regular lipstick twist tube.

The first time I used it I noticed a slight tingling on my lips within 30 seconds after applying (I hear this is common with retinol)This went away after maybe 10 minutes.

There is a little faint taste ..kind of citrus (like it smells) and kind of waxy ..nothing too bad though.

I noticed that the moisturizer part worked really well and the product stayed on a long time. I used it by itself (no lip color)at first...I have used it under glosses, put the conditioner on lightly or let it set in for a minute or two before you put your gloss on.It's clear but has a cloudy appearance when you first put it on.

After a couple of days (applying about 2-3 times a day)I noticed that my lips were feeling much smoother, the dry dead skin was gone (no more dull look). After about a week the fine tiny "wrinkles" on my lips were smoothing out(plumping??) and the patchy discolorations (dark patches) on my lips were almost gone.

My lips were a nice pink color again. I could also feel what I guess would be the plumping..Not a puffing or increase in size but more of a firmness ...

Those are the things I noticed in the first 3 weeks after I started using it and my lips looked and felt great... if I don't use the product for a day or two my lips keep the smooth, firm/full look and feel.

BUT AFTER ABOUT A MONTH...It seems as though this product stopped being so effective (the "plumping") with longer term usage (the conditioning part/moisturizing side was still effective)...so I stopped using it for a week and then went back to it and it worked again..

I would still recommend this as one to try, I do still like it.