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Awesome! Use It As A Mask Or A Leave On

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I bought this after reading reviews saying that it was awesome for puffiness around the eye area and that is was a non greasy and SUPER hydrating product. I also liked that it could be used in two different ways as a mask or as a leave on product.

I've never used this as a mask.

I use it as a leave on product, it only requires a SMALL amount this way and it really DOESN'T interfere with eye makeup application.

I pretty much use it every morning under my anti-aging eye stuff..then if I feel I need it throughout the day( for puffiness) I just use a little dab.

The box says that it is safe for all skin types, fragrance free and dermatologist tested.

It is a clear blue gel and " contains botanical extracts that are reported to tone firm and reduce the appearance of puffiness in the eye area.

"To show which EXTRACTS I have listed them for you:


camellia, senensis extract, cucumber extract, witch hazel extract, matricaria, comphrey extracts, dog rose hips extract, euphrasia offinalis extract

The instructions tell you how to use it as a mask and also how to use as a leave on product. Basically as a mask you are supposed to apply a generous amount and then remove with a cool damp cloth after 5-10 minutes.

As a leave on, you apply sparingly to brow bone and under eye area and allow to set 1-2 minutes before applying make up.

I use it on the top brow bone /lid area as well as under the eye and it leaves the skin in that area feeling so silky..I never knew my eye area was so dry until I tried this!

When I use this for actual puffiness I see results in a matter of a few minutes. WE have 2 HUGE Mulberry trees right out side our house, they've been dropping those caterpillar, fuzzy pollen things for a month and during that month my have eyes having been swelling up ..nothing to severe... but you can definitely tell they are swollen! This gel helps right away and with just a small amount( just a tad on the tip of the finger)! I just reapply if I start to notice the swelling again...lately I've had to use it for the swelling about 3-4 times a day.

I have to say that it really does "wake up" the eye area, its cool, refreshing and soothing feeling, goes on light, absorbs quickly which is important to me because I hate that thick greasy feeling, and there is no fragrance..it does have a really light "gel" smell but no perfume.

I know it's kinda expensive for such a small amount (retail is about $15.00 for .4oz jar ) but like I said, I use it as a leave on product which requires only a tiny amount so I feel that the price is WORTH IT! for all of the moisturizing it does, and how fast it really does help with puffiness.

I've been using it for about 4+ weeks, at least once a day and I still have half of the jar left.

I am a total ebay shopper and so thats where I go to buy this which can help with the cost ALOT ( I got mine for 50% of retail). If you do this just be sure to question the seller about expiration dates.

As for people with really sensitive skin I don't know if this would be irritating..I do have psoriasis which occasionally comes out on my face in spots and when I first started using this I had a small patch under one eye(very ugly raised flaky spot), when the psoriasis are there the spots are easily irritated by lotions, creams, fragrance, and all different kinds of ingredients....after about 3 days of using this eye gel the spot was gone..and hasn't been back..which is a huge part of why I love this so much much.

I can't say that someone with psoriasis is going to have that same result but it worked for me! I love this stuff!!!