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Axe Snake Peel For Tough, Dirty Skin

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sevp By sevp on
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I used to live in an extremely humid climate while working in the outdoors as a jet engine mechanic. This made for a lethal combination of dirt, sweat, and overall griminess. 9-14 hours in 90 degree weather is not good for the skin by any means. It's going to take more than an ordinary bar of soap to smell like a decent human being!

So I went and bought the Axe Snake Peel shower scrub hoping to get the deep dirt out of my skin without causing any bloodshed. Snake Peel seemed to smell good and not girly. It had a "guy" smell to it. But Snake Peel also had stuff in it the felt like crushed walnuts or really fine sand. Not the kind that gets stuck between your toes, but the kind in an hour glass that feels smooth.

After showering with Snake Peel, I could immediately tell its effectiveness. Snake Peel does indeed get into the skin and pull out the deep dirt because of its texture. It only takes about a tablespoon of Snake Peel into a shower scrub to get your body clean, so you can expect it to last awhile.

Snake Peel is also moisturizing, despite its deep cleaning properties. And the smell ain't too bad, either. It isn't as appealing as some of the other Axe scents, but it isn't perfumy, either. My wife liked the scent. "It has a subtle strength to it, " she said.

I would recommend Axe Snake Peel scrub if you do a lot of gritty, grimy outdoor work. If you have sensitive skin, use it every other day.