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Babee Tenda Baby Furniture; Kids And Us Love It!

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By leets on
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We've owned a Babee Tenda Baby Safety Feeding Table for over 12 years. The Babee Tenda Baby Safety Feeding Table has taken enormous abuse from 2 strong boys, a very active little girl and countless relatives' kids and it still came out looking new.

Cleaning is easy. The table tray and sides are covered in formica so it cleans like my kitchen counter tops and is sanitary. The only things that can stain are the cushion and teething strips (but what doesn't stain with kool aid or spaghetti sauce) and those can be replaced for about $15, so even after 12 years the table can look new again.

I have found that Babee Tenda baby furniture can be ordered from baby safety classes or catalogs but, unfortunately not in stores. It would probably be way to expensive with a store mark up added to the price.

The seat can adjust to a reclined position for a newborn baby and has at least 12 other adjustments for older kids, so a large 4 year old can use it as easily as a newborn. There aren't any weight limits on the table since it is not plastic. The Babee Tenda Baby Safety Feeding Table replaced the infant seat, highchair, playpen, booster seats and walker because it replaces their uses. The table is only 24 inches wide which is the same as a highchair or a walker, so it takes up a lot less space than having to buy all those other products. We can adjust the height 3 positions. Since it is made out of hardwood versus softwood or plastic, it is very tough.

The down side is they are expensive. The tables are almost $600 new and $300 for an old used table. I've watched bidding on Ebay start at $50 and in the last hour of bidding jump to $350 for a 5 year old table and the Babee Tenda converting crib is the same, $900 new and $600 used on Ebay.

The real kicker for me is Babee Tenda baby furniture has been around for over 70 years making the same furniture without a recall. No other company has been able to make that claim. When I first bought the Babee Tenda furniture I was a little scared being a first time parent, but now looking back I am very grateful that I did buy Babee Tenda baby furniture. We love it and our kids love it.