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Baby 411

Reviewing: Windsor Peak Press Baby 411 By Ari Brown, Md And Denise Fields  |  Rating:
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Have you ever wished your baby came with an instruction manual? I know that as a new I parent, I always had questions. Is he eating enough? Should I take him to the doctor or wait? When should I start solid foods? Is it allergies, a cold, or something else? And so many more. This book, Baby 411, answers all those questions and tons more. I think every new parent should have a copy of this book. It is so helpful.

I'm a big reader. I have stacks of baby books. When the nurse that taught our childbirth prep class reccommended this one, I of course had to buy it. It has been our "go to" baby book since our son was born. Written by a pediatrician and a mom, it covers every aspect of your baby's first year. There's a sequel called Toddler 411 which is also a great resource.

It starts with decisions you need to make before baby is born - choosing a pediatrician, to circumcise or not, childcare options, etc. Then it has a great chapter on what to expect at the hospital, what tests will be given and then a two week survival guide. This guide tells how much your little one should be eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping. It also tells when to call the doctor. It gives Red Flags to look for so you know what's normal and what's not.

The rest of the book has individual chapters on a variety of topics including breastfeeding and bottle feeding, sleep, solid foods, dicsipline, and development. She also had chapters on vaccinations, diseases, first aid, medications, etc. The medical chapers are great, because you can look up what's going on with you child and it tells you if you need to see a doctor immediately, the next day, or if you can wait and see what happens. Obviously this book isn't a substitute for medical advice, but it's really helped me know whether I need to take my little on to the doctor or not.

Another thing I like is that it's not judgemental about those touchy subjects in raising your child (circumcision, breastfeeding, etc.) . She'll give you her opinion, but she also gives both sides. It never makes you feel like a bad parent if you don't agree. This is such a helpful book. I reccommend it to anyone with a baby or who has one on the way.