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Baby Alive

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Steven Rupp By Steven Rupp on
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I hereby swear that the following review is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - so help me God.

My daughter had been begging for a doll at Walmart called "Baby Alive". It was about 18 inches high, about the size of a small baby, and had short curly blode hair. It's large blue eyes blinked when it talked.

I had to admit that it was a cute doll, and I certainly didn't mind my 7-year old wanting/getting it, but $49.99? What was so special about it? Unfortunately, I was about to find out, because my wife gave in and made the purchase.

Along with the doll came 2 cute sundresses, a bib, a spoon and a bowl, 2 diapers and 3 packages of "food". When it giggled and said "I'm hungry", my daughter opened up a packet of the "food", which was a powdery substance, and mixed it in the bowl with water. It made an ugly yellow mush. She then fed it to the doll. Yes... fed it to the doll. The doll's mouth has an opening where the mush goes in. When she was done, she pressed the doll's star bracelet, causing it to giggle again and say "I made a stinky!" I SWEAR! (Remember, I'm under oath).

So then I was witness to the feature that my wife had shelled out 50 bucks for - my daughter took off the diaper to find it full of the previously yellow-colored mush, which was now a disgusting green! If that wasn't bad enough, I began to realize the true catch to this awful product - replacement food packets and diapers! Kaylee ran out of them the first day, and the replacements were 10 packets of food for $5, and 5 diapers for $5. A dollar a diaper! What a scam! We let her buy some with her birthday money, but after that we had to put an end to it. Now, of course, she says what good is the doll, so 50 bucks just sits there in the toybox. Stay away from this one, unless you are rich, and want to educate your children about bodily functions.