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Baby Bjorn Be Hands Free Again

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By mrss on
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We're a hands free society, so why not be hands free when you have a child? This lightweight baby carrier truly made me hands-free during my son's early months. As soon as he became 8lbs, the minimum limit, I put him in there and greatly appreciated the feeling of being hands free again. This allowed me to do the dishes, prep dinner, do the laundry, vacuum and mop the house, go grocery shopping, walk the dog, and other things that are hard to do when you have a baby on your hip. When I would first put my son in the carrier he would fuss and wiggle. I attribute this, not to any degree of uncomfort as the carrier is nicely padded, but to him being a breastfed baby, smelling my milk, being close enough to me to nurse but not actually being able to nurse. However, he would quiet down after a few minutes and would fall asleep because he was snuggled so close to me. When he was able to hold his head up I turned him around so that he could see the world as I saw it, which alleviated the fussing that he had done when his face was securely pressed up against my chest.

This product was easy to use. I appreciated the way that the ease of the adjustability of the straps since my husband is over a foot taller and 200lbs heavier than I am. I also liked the fact that if my son fell asleep I could easily get him out of the carrier and lay him down in his crib without waking him up. It was also very easy to wash, just put it in the washing machine with some soap and water, hang it up to dry and you're good to go. Since it's so lightweight and small you can store it anywhere and it's easy to grab as you run out the door.

The one thing that I did not like about this product was that my back began to hurt as my son got heavier. The product has lumbar support, but it did not help me much, especially as he began to wiggle and reach to get things while trying to get him into the carrier, it was truly a struggle. I haven't used this product since my son reached 16lbs at 6 months. This carrier fits babies with a minimum weight of 8lbs and a maximum weight of 26lbs, however, I cannot foresee using this carrier until my son is 26lbs.

All in all, this is a great product and the pros, largely outweigh the cons. I would definately recommend this product to any parent, and have, who needs their hands free for a few minutes but does not like to put their child down to achieve that end.