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Baby Bottle Pop Candys

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By archy22 on
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My kid can just drink milk from those nippled bottles. I was wondering how I can make my toddler baby eat those candys which he sees in greed what the other kids slighly older than him eat. One of my cousins suggested me to use this Baby Bottle Pops. These are greatly designed to resemble a baby's bottle. The bottle portion holds a sour flavored powder, while the nipple top is actually a hard candy in a fruit flavor. The hard candy is fixed on a plastic base that can be detached from the bottle. You have a plastic rod on the bottom of the bottle that makes your baby easy to hold.

My kid licks the top, then I can dip the wet candy into the powder and make him eat both at once. They come in different friendly designs and colours especially kids supportive. Before my cousin suggested me to use this, I had seen them in the store shelves and had always ignore to buy them. But I had a half mind to try it out and it really worked. My son loved it a lot and keeps demanding every now and then. Now I am bit worried about his teeth because of these candies.

The original Baby Bottle Pops come in a number of fruit flavors. The sucker is actually fused to the plastic covering, so be very careful in opening the bottle without breaking the base. You get lot of flavours in this. The 2 main flavours which I chose was the hard candy which was excessively sweet and fruity, and the sour one which was extremely sour.

You can buy them from topps . Even after the candy is over, your kid can play with the bottle, assemble and disassemble the top and the base of the bottle. Its really a fun game for the little ones. This candy is designed to be eaten in stages and easily held up over several days. Hence I do not really worry of my son demanding too much of these candies. I would certainly recommend this to many of my friends who have toddlers.