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Baby Bouncer Must Have Item

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This is probably the most useful thing we got at our baby shower (besides the ever-useful huge boxes of diapers). Our little guy absolutely hates not being able to see what's going on around him. Until we thought to pull this chair out of the box, someone always had to be holding him so that he could sit up and look around.

Now he doesn't always need to be held. He spends tons of time in his chair, just watching everything. The music that it plays drives me insane, but is an instant distraction for him whenever we need it, and the vibrating is sometimes the only way we can get him to go to sleep. It's perfectly good without the batteries, too. We constantly forgot to buy batteries for about a month, but it's easy to bounce the chair with a foot (which still puts our baby right to sleep). Plus, as Baby gets stronger, he's figured out how to bounce himself (by kicking really hard), which is a source of constant amusement, especially when coupled with his rattling booties.

It did come with a toy bar, but we don't use it very often. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes it's just obscuring his view of the rest of the room.

I have also found that it is amazingly washable. There have been a number of leaking diapers (pee and poo) as well as spitup and bottle spills that I thought would stain it for sure. However, I threw it in the wash and it came out looking good as new. In fact, it might even have been better - the dryer makes whatever it's lined with poofy and soft.

Be careful with the dryer, though. It says it's supposed to be dryed on low heat. Today I wasn't thinking and threw it in on high with everything else. It's still useable, but there are a bunch of tiny holes in the layer of fabric on the back (that the baby never touches) and I don't think it would survive another high heat dryer cycle.