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Baby Can Read Dvd Set By Dr. Titzer

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Your Baby Can Read is a five DVD set multi sensory reading approach developed by Dr. Titzer. The DVD set is a fun, entertaining and interactive way for your child/children/baby to learn words with recognition. The word flashes on the screen/ then activity is shown in the next screen: example, the word crawl then next scene a baby is crawling with the sentence spoken "the baby is crawling." Dr. Titzer's daughter plays a major role in the DVD with the speaking role & shown as a baby in the beginning. Dr. Titzer taught his daughter recognition as a baby. to the point that he would hold up a card with a word on it & she would act it out. Example he would hold up a card with the word laughing on it. Aleka would laugh. Amazing! I first saw this DVD set on an infomercial . I really felt I needed to find educational DVDs for my children. So I called the phone number to check on the price. I was surprised to find out the cost was 200.00. I didn't want to purchase the DVDs & not be satisfied with the content. I decided to check ebay & there it was for just 80.00. I bought the set & have to say that my babies learned so many words from it. There are nursery rhymes on the DVD. Toddlers pick the words up pretty easy & the music holds their attention. I have other DVDs but this set is top rated for learning. I would ask the kids which educational DVD they wanted to watch. They always say "Baby!" This package came with a website to click on & you can print out words on your printer paper to be used to reinforce the words on the DVD & to help children learn to read. So many possibilities! If you order by phone directly from the company, I'm pretty sure they send you cards with words. Ebay was my choice for lower prices. You need to check the Baby Can Read set out for your babies/toddlers. This program will make a difference. You will see! Additional information: website: www.YourBabyCanRead.com and Toll free number: 1-888-READ-888 . Check out the website & try ebay too! Each DVD is about 30-40 minutes in length. Entertains your child with children, animals, poems & sing along songs.Promotes the learning of Phonics. Take it from me.....my children learned so many words .....amazing!