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Baby Drops To Fight Allergy

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Allerkid was recommended by our pediatrician when my baby had cold symptoms. She said that our daughter was probably reacting to the change in climate and that, if her symptoms recur, it could be asthma. Oh how we prayed that it is not asthma.

Anyway, Allerkid was kind of expensive based on her other medicine because its packaging is only 10m. Thankfully, the dosage for her weight and age is only .6ml once a day.

Allerkid is 2.5 mg Cetirizine diHCl in 1ml of syrup. It is clear so no staining on the bib. It also tastes and smells good--like grape.

The first time my baby took it, along with a bronchodilator, she became energetic again and got on to playing again, whereas without the medications, she was really weak. She really felt better.

Afterwards, she fell asleep for three hours because of the side effect, which is drowsiness. I don't mind, because at least, I could rest, too, or do some work. This went on for the duration of the medication.

The doctor recommended that she take the medication for 5 days, but on the 5th day, she threw up the Allerkid and so we didn't give it to her again. After all, she has already improved so much. After two days more, she is back to normal.

Very good allergy medicine.