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Baby Einstein Baby's First Sounds

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My husband and I went to Babies R'us recently and I was so excited to see the Baby Einstein videos on sale! We had been wanting to get a few for my daughter for the past month.

I decided to get the "Baby's First Sounds" DVD. It is for babies 6 months plus. I purchased this one because it said it goes over words like "mama", "papa", and "baby" Since my daughter is just now starting to say "da da" I thought this would help her.

I must say that I am very disappointed in this DVD.

But first I will go through the positive things. I love that they have the videos for specific age groups. That makes it really easy to find which one is appropriate for your child. They have a lot of videos to choose from.

The characters used in the video are very colorful and they have some beautiful illustrations. Plus they use children in the video and we all know how fascinated babies are with seeing other babies. The songs played throughout the video, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", are very cute and it does go through the sounds like "da", "ma", "ba", etc.

Now for the downside. I don't even understand most of the video! It is mostly in other languages. I would say about 20% is in English. I think that for a 6 month old, trying to learn English, French, Spanish, and Chinese (yes, it has them all), all at once is a little too advanced! I was even confused by what the video was saying.

I would love to have the OPTION to play it in all of those languages but not have them all going on at once. The video will say 1 word in English then go directly into another language, then another, and it just kept going back and forth throughout the entire video. Most of the time I didn't even know what language they were referring to. No where does it say what word or language they are using at the time. The songs and rhymes are the same way.

My daughter was not at all interested in this video. She fussed throughout the entire thing and refused to watch it.

At this point I would be happy with her learning to say "ma ma" or "baby" but I do not think that learning to say it in 4 languages is possible at 6 months old!

I would not recommend this video at all! I really hope that the other Baby Einstein videos are better and a little easier for a baby to understand.