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Baby Mum Mum Rice Crackers

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My baby is just over 6 months old this month. He's a very big boy and has been strictly on bottle feedings up until recently.It's been crazy! He eats constantly!!

His pediatrician said it was ok for me to start baby food. Well my son has NOT been impressed with baby food yet (can't say that I blame him!) He shows much more interest in what us grown ups are eating. I have let him hold and gum a few things that we eat, mostly crackers and large very firm pieces of fruit and carrots, he does have 2 teeth that just came in so I wanted something a little more for babies..and if possible less of a choking hazard.

I came across these when I was shopping in a Super Walmart's baby food section. I was looking at the other baby cookies/biscuits and crackers but those all seem to be for toddlers or more experienced babies. I found these on the very bottom shelf, I almost missed them! As I read the box description it sounded good so I decided to get them.

As I read the box 2 things that caught my attention were, they say "you may give Hot-Kid Mum Mum Rice Rusks to your baby as soon as he or she is ready for solid food" They also state that it dissolves easily.

They come individually wrapped (2 crackers in a pack) with 12 of these packs in one 1.7oz box.

Serving size is 4 pieces


Japonica Rice, potato starch, sugar, skim milk powder, salt, pumpkin powder, carrot powder, spinach powder, cabbage powder

Nutrition Facts listed:

30 calories

25mg sodium

6g Total Carbs

0 dietary fiber

1g sugar

1g protein

Simple enough. These also have No Artificial flavors or colors, No preservatives, and No added fats or oils.

They are gluten free and Cholesterol free, baked, low in fat & No trans fat.

Theres no color in these so you don't have to worry about stains!

They are oval in shape and no thicker than a Ritz cracker. Before I gave one to my boy, I of course had to check it. I wanted to see just how easily it dissolved and if it was a really huge choke factor since he is a little guy.So I bit it!

It has a VERY light and airy texture with a powdery kind of crunch, and has VERY little taste (you can taste the hint of mixed veggies) and it did dissolve quickly.

So I gave one to my little guy, he held it easily and under close supervision ate both crackers. He appears happy with them and I am hoping that it will help us get him into the groove of actually eating foods!

While we have had no choking incidents with this cracker, you should of course always supervise your baby while giving him these kinds of foods and ask your pediatrician if it's the right time for your baby to have.

I'm not so sure how easy these are to find, but then I've never really looked in other stores. I paid under $2.00 for one 1.7oz box (12pack).

Even though I prefer organic foods for my baby, I am happy with the simplicity of the ingredients! and think it's a good starter cracker for baby!