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Baby phat includes some of the finest womens clothings avaliable all over the world.It's glittery styles attract most teens. Some may call it beautiful, yet I call it unique. Baby Phat's "Golden Goddess" is certainly appealing to the eye when looking at the advertisement in a magazine as well as looking on the internet page. The perfume "Golden Goddess" by Kimora Lee is a perfume that supposedly reflects beauty and riches. The audience in which this perfume addresses would probably be women ranging from their twenties to the fifties or so. This advertisement can be found in a range of cosmetic magazines, and can also be found in the glamorous and stylish type as well. Though one may not obtain these things while simply wearing it, this particular advertisement can express a sense of royalty through media that individuals use in everyday life.

The advertisement used for this perfume is quite eye-catching. The advertisement uses diamonds and glitter to place emphasis on the item. This anecdote could be used to distract the attention of the reader, or to simply add more of a visual appeal to the advertisement. The calm coloring and glamorous style helps to allow the reader to have a want for the perfume. This can be evident by the thought of women striving to be like they see, more often then not, they will attempt to change things to become more like what they see. For example, a woman may see a celebrity hat is in great physical fitness, and just as they may strive to be like that individual based on their appearance. Women are affected by way that the diamonds and fur reflect royalty and riches. Many in some cases, women would want to attain that level of glamour. The woman in the advertisement, Kimora Lee herself, portrays the traits of a goddess by being buried and surrounded by diamonds and then wearing a mink-style fur around her body. She has a striking beauty that would appeal to men as well as women. The advertisement would allow the male perspective to look and possibly want to purchase for a significant other. The woman's perspective would be the thought that woman like to strive to be glamorous. Whether it be a small insignificant amount, or a multitudes of glamorous attributes, women in today's society strive for glamour and beauty almost on an everyday basis. Likewise, when visiting the website, the homepage to the site is that of the magazine. This allows the same perspective from the buyer's point of view, as it would in the magazine.

This advertisement does not necessarily show or reflect the average person. For example, in some advertisements for fragrances there may be two people strolling along the beach. This way of advertisement could be more effective due to the fact that it appears more realistic and attainable. Many people are unknowingly influenced. Therefore, one may begin to feel inferior when they use an advertisement like "Golden Goddess" because it may appear to the individual that the chances of them being able to afford the product may be slim to none. Though in some cases, one may feel the want to be extravagant and purchase something that may be out of the ordinary; though this may be the case, this advertisement still remains to portray riches that the middleclass may not choose to reflect and/or obtain.

The internet advertisement offers a wide range of choices for the consumer. One of the greatest differences between the magazine advertisement and the internet advertisement seems to be that of the opportunity of being able to smell the scent of the perfume in the magazine versus not being able to the internet. The magazine allows that reader to have more of an opportunity to be able to actually have an idea of the scent of the product before actually going to a store and inquiring about it. The method of advertising in a magazine could also be more effective in the magazine than on the internet because magazine readers are more likely to come across the advertisement without having to search via internet web pages. However, when someone wants to purchase the perfume, they may be able do so by simply ordering the product online instead of actually having to go to a store and purchase the item. There is also an option of sending the product to a particular address. This method has been found to be convenient to many consumers in recent day studies. This method helps to reduce time that it takes out of one's schedule of actually going to the store to have to purchase an item and being "checked-out." The customer also has the opportunity to purchase more products by the company. There are chances to win certain items. This allows the customer to become more familiar with their products. The internet advertisement also has music playing when the window is opened. In other words, when the consumer opens the webpage there is music present when navigating throughout the site in its entirety. This stimulation is helpful from the star, and helps to keep that attention of the person visiting the site.

This advertisements for Baby Phat's "Goddess" by Kimora Lee are very effective to the consumer as well as appealing to the eye. There are a range of anecdotes that are used throughout the advertisements that allow the abundance of effectiveness. The opportunities that are given to the consumer are an aid to the effectiveness, as well as the convenience that most consumers desire.