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Back In Black Baby

Reviewing: Marvel Amazing Spider Man #539  |  Rating:
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The gloves are officially off for Peter Parker in Back In Black out with the red suit and in with the Black. This issue begins very dramatically with Peter Parker looking at a Snipers failed attempt to assassinate him but however the bullet did find a target...and that was Aunt May. Peter immediately becomes absolutely enraged and hurls what looks like a Jeep in the direction of where the bullet was fired from. Peter throws all caution to the wind and swings to the Hospital with Aunt May in arms with no suit what so ever. After Aunt May is in the hospital Peter goes on a mission to discover who was behind the hit and the whereabouts of who ever fired the bullet intended for him. After totally kicking ass and taking names Peter gets a lead and decides to go back for the Black Suit he abandoned all those years ago for fear of sending the wrong message but now picks it up and suits up Back In Black. This is a fantastic dramatic issue which deals with all the emotions Peter goes through from shock to grief and now finally...absolute rage you have really got to love Marvel the production is impeccable and the artwork truly sublime.