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Back In Time With Metal Gear Solid 3!

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By pato on
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The third game in Hideo Kojima's revered Metal Gear Solid series finds Snake once again on a mission to prevent a catastrophic war. Unlike the previous MGS games, this one takes place in the 1960's and deals with Snake's efforts to destroy a Russian superweapon and prevent the Cold War from becoming a full-scale war.

Like the other MGS games, this one retains the series traditional humor, amazing graphics, stealth focused gameplay, and engaging plot. However, it adds a new factor in the camouflage based stealth system. One must take into account the surroundings and the camouflage that one is wearing in order to maintain cover. Unfortunately, the camouflage system is somewhat cumbersome due to the fact that one must continually pause the game in order to change it. This is something that has to be done continously which slows the action down and takes the player out of the game. One must also pause the game to heal wounds or eat various captured animals (to regain stamina) which further disrupts the flow of the game.

Fortunately, the camoflauge does work rather well and it adds a higher level of tension to the game. You'll feel your heart pounding as you put your back to a tree while an enemy soldier walks inches away from you without noticing. The pulse-pounding experience doesn't end there either. Once you get your hands on some weapons be prepared for some amazing action sequences. Kojima knows how to craft an emotional and exciting story as much as he knows how to put together some Hollywood style action. And what action! You'll have access to a huge variety of weapons with which to dispatch your enemies and you can even torture them if you wish. Or not. That's one of the great things about this game. You can play as you wish. Go shirtless like Rambo and brutally annhilate everything in sight or go though the entire game without hurting a soul. It's up to the player. Although an actionless game might be boring to any spectators watching.

The only point that was missed was in the replayabilty factor. Unlike the previous game in the series, MGS 3 does not have the collectible dogtags. I spent days playing the last game because of the dogtags and would have liked something similar to that in this game. There is reason to replay it (and not just because the game is fun as Hell) but nothing as addictive as the dogtag factor in my opinion.

Nevertheless, the third MGS is still the best in the series and the plot and cutscenes are beyond reproach. It felt like watching a finely crafted movie. The voice-acting is superb and the action scripted sequences are a thrill to watch. If you are unused to Hideo Kojima's extremely loooooong cutscenes though, then this might not be the game for you. Sometimes it feels like one is watching more than playing. I didn't mind one bit but if that type of thing bothers you then you might get frustrated with this game.