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Back Itch? No Problem!

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Let Kamot ("Scratcher, " in English) do the job for you. This simple yet very effective product hand-made by the natives of Baguio City is made from light wood so that one will not have any problems handling it. It is about 1 foot long and have a shape of a small hand on one end (this is that part used to scratch the itch).

It also comes with different designs, making it look unique from other "kamots." They may look the same, but if you look closer you'll see the difference. This is because not only one native hand-crafted these products. Many of them actually know how to make one kamot.

This is actually my second kamot, the first one was left back in our province. I had to buy one for myself here in the city.

It really is an effective tool for me every time I feel the itch on my back, especially now that I live alone in my place here in my rented home in the City. I takes off the itch immediately. The best part is you don't need to worry that this product will give you wounds because of the fine shape made on the hand-design.

So if you happen to go to Baguio City in the Philippines, take one or two kamots as souvenir. And also, as itch reliever. =)