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Baggie Ice Cubes Anyone?

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Before I could grab the box that these nifty little ice cubes came in one of my children threw it out but I have to say, this is one of the best $3.49 I've ever spent. We haven't purchased the ice maker for the new fridge yet and I'm not a huge fan of the ice cube trays that you add water to and wait for hours to solidify. So, when I was at the store a little while ago and came across these little fellows, the first thing that crossed my mind after I thought "wow, what a great idea, have to buy them and do a review!", was great I won't have to try and balance water in ice cube trays and worry about spilling it all over the new floor!

These are so convenient, mess free, no fuss, no muss little durable plastic pouches that you simply throw into the freezer, freeze and then use just like ordinary "real" ice cubes.

The benefit of these however is that they are reusable, over and over again and my children love them. They freeze in no time, there is a saline solution inside that is non-toxic so even if the little tough baggie were to break or weaken, the liquid inside will not harm you.

The little square bags measure 1/2" by 1/2" and work exactly like the real thing and cool drinks down very quickly. There are 24 per box and I really do think I will run out and get at least one more box.

Once you've finished using them in a drink, you simply wash them under warm soapy water, dry and pop them back in the freezer for the next time. I really think they are much quicker to wash up and put back in the freezer than it would be to wash out an ice cube tray, fill it with water, tippy toe to the freezer and hope there's still room available to get them onto the ice cube racks safely. The only drawback to them is that if you are an ice crunching guru, you won't want to crunch on these. If you can do away with that habit though, overall, a great little product that does exactly as it says it will and so far, we've used them almost daily, and not one has sprung a leak or deteriorated in any way. Great idea.