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Baguio Botanical Garden

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One of the tourist destinations in Baguio City, having a plethora of flowers and plants, it is a tranquil setting for walks, a bit of rest, and relaxation. This was one of the places included in the vacation package tour. However, we decided that we would not include this on the tour day since we were pressed for time. Conveniently, it was located near the Inn we were staying at so we just decided to go there at our own time.

Walking from our Inn to the Garden was a slight exercise since the road was winding up. The Garden itself is not hard to find. There’s an engraved sign on the wall of the entrance you see. Also, there is a group of Igorots who stay by the entrance waiting for an opportunity in case a tourist would like to have his/her picture taken with them. They do ask for a donation or a fee if they’re included in the photo. Just a bit of warning to those planning to take their picture with the signage, the Igorots would stand by your side even if you don’t ask them to and they’d still ask for a fee.

Getting past the main entrance would have visitors go down a cobbled stair then are greeted by a tableau depicting group of men gardening. At this point, it would be up to you to decide which way you’d visit first. Following our path, we went onwards to the left. We found ourselves looking at a Wishing Well up ahead, a small picnic area to our right and gardens of a wide variety of flowers to the left. The picnic area only has two small stone tables and stone benches. The garden boasts sunflowers, petunias, dahlias, and lots of different flowers that I could not name.LOL

Moving onwards, we went past a small bridge going to an Arc with Korean words. I was not able to get close and read the inscription because I was too busy looking at the cave up ahead. When I got to the cave I wanted to explore it. I went so far as the first turn into the cave, but I was slightly scared venturing on my own. I did not have a flashlight then and I had no idea where the cave was gonna lead to. There was also no assurance if there were bats or snakes inside so I just went out, waited for my friends to finish up checking out the Korean Arc. I did invite them to explore the cave next time.

We were able to go back to that cave the next day, armed with flashlights. We were psyching ourselves out that there were ghosts or whatnot inside when a guard saw us. He then offered to guide us. The cave itself was cool (literally and metaphorically) and small. It was where the Japanese (during the Japanese Occupation in this country) would camp out, stay and hide. The guide said that there was a tunnel leading up and going out to the Mines View Park but it was covered now because of a landslide.

Going forward to another section of the Garden, there was a group of small huts which served as models for real houses where native Cordillerans lived. The middle of the garden is just like a park with benches. The only difference is that there’s an abundance of flowers and Igorot statues spread out.

There is also a botanical nursery for beautiful flowers like Birds of Paradise and Poinsettias that are in bloom not just in December. The icing on this flowery garden cake would probably be the horse at the very center of the garden waiting for tourists to have his picture taken with them.^_^

The Botanical Garden of Baguio City is a wonderful treat to those nature enthusiasts, green thumbs, floraphiles, and even outdoor photographers.