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Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolates

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Let me start by saying I LOVE chocolate. Not just any chocolate, it must be great tasting. I will also add that I do not, nor have I ever, liked any kinds of liqueur's infiltrating my chocolate. So, it was with great apprehension I decided to try one of these Bailey's Original Irish Cream chocolates.

The cannister is very attractive, almost inviting, and since a close family member gave this to me as a gift, I felt compelled to at least try one. I do like Bailey's Irish Cream, afterall, so this might be a little better than the average chocolate candy that has been "tarnished" by the addition of liqueur.

Inside this pretty container, there are 7 ounces of chocolates, which is quite generous. Each piece is festively wrapped twice - once in gold foil, then again in a Bailey's wrapper. Upon unwrapping one of these chocolates, I notice it is nice looking, as far as chocolate goes, but it's what's inside that has me worried.

I know, I'll eat one, then give the rest away. That way, at least I will fulfill my obligation toward the family member, without having to fudge, so to speak.

Well, I take one little bite and am quite shocked to discover someone has finally made a chocolate liqueur candy that I really enjoy!

The chocolate coating is delicious! The inside of this candy is like a dream. The creamy inside tastes like Bailey's Irish Cream, but it is not overpowering like most liqueur candies I have had the misfortune of consuming. This one melts in your mouth. It is delicate, almost like caramel, which I am not even fond of, but the similarity tastes great here.

The base of the candy is made of thicker chocolate, thicker than the outer shell. Inside, this base is topped with a surprising little creamy, white thin frosting type layer that looks almost as if it had been painted on. Ok, maybe I am going a bit too far here, but I must say, these chocolates are heavenly!

Now, I am not sure if enough of these will get you unexpectedly stoned, but the container does say that no one under 21 is allowed to purchase these because of the liqueur inside, so keep these away from the kiddies. You might not want to share them anyway.

Now, I am not saying I have suddenly turned into a fan of liqueur tainted chocolates. I will say that if you have the opportunity to taste one of these sinful confections, please do so. And if you love chocolate liqueur candies, you will absolutely adore Bailey's Original Irish Cream Chocolates!