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Baja Warrior...Mini Bike...Big Fun!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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Ok…I’m not mechanically inclined…I don’t even mess around much on motorcycles, dirt bikes etc…My in laws bought a pair of these Baja Warrior Mini Bikes. Every time we stay up at their house or they come spend a weekend at ours, they bring them. I have played around on them a little and they are pretty fun!

The Baja Warrior is a mini Chopper style “motorcycle” it looks a little bit like a Harley. It has a 196cc engine, this means nothing to me but someone who knows more might find that helpful.

It stands about 3 1/2 feet tall at the handle bars, it really is a mini bike! One of the things I like about it is that it IS so small (and slow)! I am short and have never driven/ ridden on a motorcycle myself! These are small enough and easy enough to drive that I CAN!!

It runs on gas, has a 1 gallon tank, it has a rear break located on handle bar, it goes about 35mph. (TOPS) these are REALLY easy to drive. There is also no clutch, no gear shifting you just hit the throttle located on the handle bar and it goes! This bike accelerates quickly but tops out really fast (it only goes 35mph).Although I am not positive how many miles per gallon you get from this bike, it seems to last for a few hours before we need to re-fill the tank.

One of the problems we have found with this bike is that it has NO REAR SHOCKS which makes for a really bumpy ride. This is perfect for black top and smoother roads however they are NOT Street legal. We live in the middle of an Orchard and have permission to ride them around in there…it is still quite bumpy, these are NOT all terrain bikes. My in laws live in a gated mountain community where they allow you to ride this kind of thing all over with in. It is the most comfortable to ride there where the roads are actually paved. Gravel Roads are ok…it’s just the really rough and pot hole filled areas that are hard on your tushie! It also has very little power so trying to go up steep hills is not really recommended. In my opinion these are more for cruising around on than for rough/hard riding.

My husband “accidentally” jumped it and bent the frame slightly…so we want to say that it has a somewhat weak frame. We have also found that 2 of the bolts that hold the back wheel on can loosen up and side forward causing the chain to come off. This is very easily fixed by tightening the bolts back on and the chain as well however it does re-occur quite often. We suspect that if this bike is ridden the way it’s supposed to be (no jumping etc) this problem would never have started!

My father in laws has said that he does NOT believe these are for small children. Maybe for older children...my 9 year niece operates this easily…but I think it really depends on the child.

We have a lot of fun on these; adults of all ages enjoy them! My in laws are in there 60’s and love to putt around on them.

My Father in law bought these at the Oroville Tractor Supply Store for $495 each. He feels they were worth the money because he enjoys them so much!

Update On May 26, 2008: I wanted to add that we ALL did feel some what ridiculous on such a small "motorcycle" but it was so fun to putt around on...we got over it quickly!