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Bakugan Battle Gear

Reviewing: Sega Toys (Spinmaster) Bakugan Battle Gear (Airkor)  |  Rating:
Thomas Marcucci By Thomas Marcucci on
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These toys are all the rage. They have all the ear marks of a great selling action figure; A great cartoon with many episodes, many characters and figures, and the figures are taken through evolutions that create variants of the same characters. Now they also have an interactive web site where the kids can go and upload codes that allow their creatures to battle online. Our son has taken to these toys like any other young boy would. They have the appeal of collecting as many of them as you can. Of course there are cards that play an interactive role in the game. The one I am reviewing today is called "Airkor". It is what is known as battle gear. It attaches to another Bakugan and opens up to provide characteristic changes for it. It may be special weapons or it may provide special abilities for the Bakugan. Each battle gear can attach to several different Bakugans, but, the most power is derived when the battle gear is the same color as the Bakugan. There are many accessories that go with these toys such as a battle arena and carrying cases. In my opinion a successful toy, and by the way these things sell I'm sure the manufacturers feel that way too.