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Bamboo Handled Knife Set With Bamboo Block

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Handled Knife Precision Bamboo Sharp

I never thought I'd have the capacity to love a set of knives but here I am, loving my bamboo handled knives every time I use them. Although I'm not completely certain of the original pricing of each of these knives I believe that they ranged from $8.99 for the paring and fruit/vegetable knives up to $24.99 -29.99 for the Chef and bread knives.

The bamboo knife block which holds each knife and protects the blades retailed between $15 and $20 I believe but I purchased the entire set for a steal of a deal. The entire set consisted of 16 knives which were designed to be purchased individually. The set included paring knife, fruit and vegetable knife, boning knife, steak knife, butcher knife, chef knife, serrated knife. Although these knives are made by the label Irresistable which is part of the Metro grocery line of products, the quality is at par with some of the more expensive knives I have purchased in the past.

The bamboo handles make these knives very nice to hold and use. Although the bamboo has been protected with a coating of polyurethane I prefer to only hand wash the blades and not immerse the handles in water or place them in the dishwasher.

Every one of these knives is extremely sharp and they are a dream to use. Slicing through anything is as easy as making a motion of cutting and the knife does all the work. The bamboo block which holds 16 knives plus a place for scissors looks great sitting on the counter with the knives inserted in each slot.

Although these knives at regular price would have cost me at least $70 or more, I got the block and 10 of the 16 knives (I didn't purchase any steak knives) for a grand total of $30.

I would recommend these knives to others not only because of the looks but because they are some of the best, sharpest and smoothest cutting knives I've ever owned. Well made, great looking and effective at doing what they are designed to do.