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Band Aid Activ Flex Bandages

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I am a person who is prone to accidents. I burn myself on the stove, the oven and my curling iron. I fall, bruise easily and cut myself on stupid things. I always have a lot of bandages, tape and gauze on hand. Recently I found myself needing to run to the store because I went on a major shopping spree and had HUGE blisters on both feet. I was in a hurry when I left that morning and paid for it at the end of the day. The back of my feet had quarter size blisters and the skin was red and raw. After taking a shower I put on neosporin and a regular bandaid. It stung and felt like it was making my feet hurt worse. I then went to the local drug store and searched out the bandages and found these.

There are six bandages in a box, they have 360 degrees of flexability and say they are clinically prove to heal faster. That is everything that I needed so I paid the money. They are spendy, but aren't something I hope to use very often.

So, I took a shower, dried off my feet very very well and then applied the bandaid according to the back of the box. They say to seal the bandage very well and you have to be careful because you're suppose to wear this bandaid until it falls off. I did that and the first time it only lasted a day because I didn't seal the top off well enough. The second time they lasted a week and my feet immediately stopped hurting and they healed very quickly. I think it's money well spent.