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Bandaid With Antibiotics

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My daughter cut her finger a few months ago and in order to avoid it getting infected I purchased these Antibiotic Band-Aid brand bandages. My children are allergic to the material bandaids so the plastic ones are the only ones they can use without having a reaction.

These bandaids worked well as far as the antibiotic went as the bandaid helped the cut heal more quickly and there was no appearance of infection.

The problem was that the bandaid tended to slip off her finger easier because of the antibiotic in the cushion area that is placed over the cut. These bandaids were also not water proof and after a few days of trying to keep the bandaids on her finger she gave up and didn't bother using them any longer.

I don't know if I would purchase these again. For $6.99 for 20 and with a single bandaid having not survived more than a few hours at a time, I think these are a little pricey. Of course if you don't have antibiotic solutions already on hand this may be a good way to go but as for durability, I'd have to say that these aren't nearly as long lasting on a cut as other Band-Aid brands are.

Personally, I'd pass on buying these again.