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Bang! Card Game

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sarrisa By sarrisa on
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Bang! is a clever, easy, fast paced card game for all ages. It's an easy game to get out during parties because it's just a deck of cards and it will fulfill hours of fun. We always play this game when we have a family get together and we never get bored! It seems like a hard game to learn at first, but once you play it a couple of times, you'll find it's really simple. My grandfather who is in his 70's plays it with us all the time (it's his favorite game!). Here's an overview of the game. Everyone has a character each with a special ability and set life points. Everyone will also be dealt a role card with an objective. This card will be kept secret. This is where the fun begins and makes for an exciting card game that is never the same. If you have the role of Sherriff, you must make it known. If you have the role of outlaw, you must kill the Sherriff. Except, if you start shooting at the Sherriff, everyone will know you are an outlaw and then you'll have the Sherriff (must kill all the bad guys to win), deputy (must kill all the bad guys to win), and renegade (must kill the deputy and outlaws, and then the Sherriff to win) after you. So, usually you may want to hide who you are on start killing the other players whose identity is secret. Although, you may be killing your partner (there's usually more than one outlaw, depending on the number of players). It's hard because you have to try to figure out who people are by there actions, but it makes a very fun game.