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Banking Woes

Reviewing: Barclays Bank In Dubai, Uae Personal Loan And Classic Account Opening  |  Rating:
msculit By msculit on
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I have never been disgusted like this in my life, at least in terms of finances. I did not expect to be treated like I was the one running after them when in fact Barclays Bank have called me a lot of times to offer me a nice loan with a good interest (9.9% which is reducing and is not bad compared to other banks) and a flexible repayment terms. Not only that, there was a promise of free opening of account without me having to go to the bank to sign forms. Everything would be done by the bank representative. To make the long story short, I took the bait since I could use the money for closing my other credit cards and open a time deposit for the remaining amount. I am so disappointed by how my account has been handled. Up to this day, and it has been a month now, I still have not received my Welcome Pack, no ATM in sight and I have to be the one running after them. When you call their customer service, they agents are cranky and impatient and 90% of the time, they don't answer your question spot on. It just leaves me restless and helpless that I feel like revoking the offer.

If it wasn't for the flexible repayment plan of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months, I would really not bite it. Don't bank in Barclays Bank in Dubai. I don't think they know how to value customers.

Update On Dec 10, 2008: As of today (10 December), I still have not heard from anyone representing Barclays Bank here in Dubai. I am totally losing my trust and respect on their services and I will never, ever recommend them to anyone I know. I have sent an email to their Complaints Department 2 weeks ago and no one has come back to me to tell me what is happening. I am left seaching for answers on my own. After signing up for their service, they leave you groping in the dark. They are the ultimate in WORST SERVICE ever...