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Bansect Flea Tick Collar For Cats Dogs

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Today I got a new puppy for my wife for Mother's Day (a day early). The first thing we had to do was get him his first flea collar. This is an expensive item unless you buy it at the Dollar Store. I ran down to the Dollar Store and grabbed the same collar with the same active ingredient, that I would have ended up with at the pet store (just a different brand name). I saved $3-$4.

Bansect is a product that lasts 120 days. This collar kills fleas, ticks and especially the ticks that carry Lyme disease.

The product works very well. We use this same collar on all of our dogs and our two cats. They do make collars for both animals, so feel at ease.

With today's rising gas costs, I have decided to ban major name brands when ever possible. The purchase of this Sergeant's brand product called Bansect is a better deal than you think. I actually feel that it works better than other brands. So far it seems to work indoors too. We have no fleas in the house.

The downside to this product is the fresh scent. I don't know a single person on earth that would call this a fresh scent. It smells like some toxic chemical and stinks like ether.

The best thing about this is that it only smells for a day. Make sure for the sake of your children and your animal, that you stretch the collar and snap off any loose dust. You should always do this with any collar. Children should never be allowed to play with or handle the band. The ingredient in this band is harmful to humans.

Active Ingredient: O-Isopropoxyphenyl Methylcarbamate (Propoxur)...9.00%

Inert ingredients...91.00%

Net Wt...0.5 oz (14 g)

You should replace the collar in 4 months. If you have a heavy infestation, you should replace it more frequently. We don't have a flea problem, but there are a lot of ticks.

This is a good generic brand flea and tick collar. I suggest you try this to help on your budget

Update On May 11, 2008: Here is a picture of baby 'Chewy'. We are are not sure how old he is exactly, but he is under 4 months old.We want to protect him from those terrible ticks and fleas.