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Barami Womans Suits

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debbie831 By debbie831 on
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I work in an office and need to dress up everyday (except for Friday, yeah its jean day!) I am very tall and slendor so I have a hard time finding clothes that fit and look nice. I also am at the age that I don't want to look like I am trying to be 18 nor do I want to look like I am wearing my grandma's clothes. It can be very frustrating!

I found a store in Chicago when I was out there that I fell in love with. It is called Barami and there clothes are made for the women who want to dress stylishly. There selection was fantastic. I was a little concerned on the price but I fell in love with one of the suits there so I bought it.

I have had this suit for 6 years now and it still looks like new. I get all kind of compliments when i wear it to work. It is very comforatable and in 6 years it has never gone out of style!

Bad news, the store has closed - more bad news - they are online but their styles have changed and looks like they are leaning more to the younger crowd!

It does have to be dry cleand but I don't mind that and all in all even though I paid a lot more than I normally do for clothes I have gotten my money's worth. I just wish I would have been able to pick up a few more suits from there.

Update On Apr 14, 2008: Sorry I was excited about writing this I didn't even describe the suit. The suit that I bought is tan color with a light green pin stripe. It is perfect actually for all season and thats what I love the most about it. I can where it in summer with sleeves top or in the winter with a turtle neck! Sorry the tag is faded and I don't remember what it is made of, but it isn't heavy, just very comfortable to wear.