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Barbie Girls Mp3 Player

Reviewing: Mattel Barbie Girls Mp3 Player, 512 Mb, Green  |  Rating:
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When I wanted to buy an mp3 player for my 7 year old daughter, I wanted something that would be easy for her to use, cute, durable, and reasonably priced. The Barbie Girls mp3 player fit all of these requirements, so I purchased one for her birthday. It was very simple to plug in, install software, and transfer music to. The earbuds were great for my daughter, as she always has trouble keeping them in her ears and this came with three different sizes. They are much more comfortable and easier for her to keep on than other pairs we have owned. The controls are very easy to use, and the player seems very durable. It holds plenty of songs for her, I think we have six cds on there right now and still room. It can also be expanded up to 2GB using the mini SD slot.

In addition to listening to the music, you can change the hair, jewelry, and fashions on your Barbie Girl player. They snap on and off and you can buy different fashion packs. My daughter thinks this is a lot of fun, and the fashions they have are really cute. You can change the hair color and get a whole different look for your Barbie Girl.

The biggest draw for my daughter to this mp3 player was the fact that with it, you get a code that allows you to go online to the Barbie.com website and play special games and activities that you can't do without having one. My daughter loves to play on the Barbie website and was eager to have the ability to unlock all these different areas. She has really been enjoying her online play and likes all the activities. The only concern I have regarding this is that on the package it states that they reserve the right to cancel this service after a certain date, so that concerns me a little that it won't be available anymore and my daughter would be really disappointed if that happened. But it's still a good price for an mp3 player that you can also "play" with even without the online service.