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Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus Party On!

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houseishot By houseishot on
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I was very hesitant to buy this product based on prior experience with Barbie playsets. They are generally very poorly constructed and things either break or fall off constantly. However, I knew my daughter wanted this and was really at a lack of things to buy her for her birthday since it is shortly after Christmas, so I went ahead with the purchase. I have to say, this made a very impressive gift and even I was amazed at the amount of stuff crammed inside this bus. There is a kitchen, a couch that transforms into a bed, a fold out bunk bed, a bathroom, and of course the hot tub. It came with tons of tiny little accessories and was not that hard to assemble. The greatest amount of work involved putting the appropriate stickers on all the pieces and the bus.

The hot tub part is very cool. It folds out easily and makes really cool sound effects and lights up. It is really a neat toy. The plastic insert also comes out so you can dry it after you play, that is if you are one of the nice moms who actually lets the kids put water in water toys! Now there are the usual pieces that are difficult to use and fall apart, but the play value of the toy far outweighs these few flaws for once. If the kids are reasonably careful, most of it stays together. It's defnitely worth putting the bathroom door back on and fixing the sofa every once in a while for the amount of enjoyment my daughter gets out of it. Sure it would be nice if Mattel would make things sturdier, but doesn't seem like it's gonna happen... Still, I think our Barbies will be partying in this bus for quite some time!