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Barbie Island Princess Rosella Styling Head

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I have never before given in and purchased one of the "styling heads" for any of my daughters. I was in a rather nice mood after Christmas this year, and when we found this one from Barbie Island Princess on the clearance shelf at Target, I gave in. My daughter really likes styling her dolls' hair, so I thought she would get a lot of play out of this. She also likes her various toys that she can sing with and play music, which is a feature this toy also has. Barbie's mouth actually moves and her disembodied head sings songs from the movie and talks. Kind of creepy if you ask me, but the six year old liked it.

To begin with, this styling head didn't include very many styling accessories. It has a brush and some really lame little barettes, plus the plastic crown that if she wears is going to mess up any style you might have given her to begin with. Fortunately, we have tons of little girl hair things and other doll accessories we could use to supplement this toy, so she still had fun with it. The plastic animals that are around Barbie's head really get in the way when you are trying to brush and style the hair. And I have not yet figured out how to keep her cardboard peacock feathers on or why they would have even bothered including those to begin with. You can't brush her hair when she is wearing them and they don't stay on anyway. The clear plastic feathers on the peacock that sits in front of Barbie also broke off the first time this toy fell on the floor.

As far as the singing and karaoke features of this toy, they are also poorly implemented. Barbie sings so loud you can't really hear yourself singing in the microphone. The sound quality of course is not great either. The flower that serves as the microphone is difficult to snap back in where it is supposed to sit when you're not using it, and the cord has nowhere to go, it just hangs there and gets in the way.

All in all, I would say this is neither a great styling head nor a great karaoke toy, and why they chose to combine the two is beyond me anyway. I would pass on this toy, even on the clearance shelf. Go for a styling head that has a larger head and more accessories, or if you want a singing doll, just get a singing doll!