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Barbie Mariposa

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By sweetnancy on
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This is another BARBIE DVD - MARIPOSA and her Butterfly Fairy Friends from my little 3 year old grand daughter's movie collection. She watches her movies over and over again wearing some of them out. This is actually a replacement because the first one got stuck in the dvd player. She loves this movie because she loves butterflies and it is such a pretty movie.

In this movie Mariposa is a butterfly fairy and Elina's friend. She has lovely pink butterfly wings. Mariposa is different from the other fairies. She loves to imagine the world she has not seen and loves to read. She also loves the stars and especially the constellation Archer. Mariposa feels like she does not belong in Flutterfield. She does not go to the balls and parties like the other fairies.

Henna is an evil butterfly fairy and has poisoned the Queen of Flutterfield so she can take over the kingdom. The lights that protect Flutterfield are in danger of going out. The light is what protects them from the Skeezites. They are monsters that eat butterfly fairies.

Mariposa sets out to find the antidote that will save the Queen. Along the way she puts an end to Rayna and Rayla's arguments. When the Skeezites come after them it is Mariposa's idea to put the flowers over their heads so that the Skeezites will smell the flowers and not the three fairies. Mariposa is able to please the fairy of the Cave and she enlarges her wings and gives them a sparkling glow. Mariposa learns to have faith in herself and believes that she belongs in Flutterfield. This is an enchanting and beautiful movie to add to a Barbie movie collection and it was only $5.