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Barbie Presents Thumbelina Dvd

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By sweetnancy on
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This BARBIE presents THUMBELINA is the latest addition to my 3 year old grand daughter's movie collection. She received this DVD for Easter and loves this movie. Sometimes he watches it over and over again.

As the movie begins a group of children are planting trees and making fun of one little girl. She has chosen a tiny tree to plant. So Barbie decides to tell them a story about a tiny twillerbee named Thumbelina.

Makena is a spoiled human girl who demands that her father move a large garden of flowers home to their apartment so she can impress her friend Violet. Violet is another spoiled girl who gets what she wants and has just gotten her own island named after her. Thumbelina and some of her friends are in the flowers and are moved along with the flowers home with Makena. While there they find out that their home is going to be destroyed to build a factory. Thumbelina sets out to stop them from destroying their home. Thumbelina and her friends sabotage the equipment and the groundbreaking for the factory is delayed. Thumbelina has problems convincing Makena to help her but finally they become friends. Makena is able to convince her parents to stop the construction of the new factory and save the home of the Twillerbees. This is a great story of how one tiny Twillerbee saves the home of all of them. It shows that anything is possible if you believe. I enjoy watching this movie with my grand daughter.