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Barbie The Diamond Castle

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This BARBIE and The Diamond Castle DVD is another one of my 3 1/2 year old grand daughter's favorite Barbie movies. It is a magical fairy tale come to life and she just loves it. She got it for her third birthday. I like it myself and watch it over and over sometimes with her.

The movie begins with Barbie and Teresa working on a new song when Stacie, Barbie's sister, come in and is mad at her friend, Courtney. Barbie decides to tell Stacie the story of Liana and Alexa, who were two best friends like Barbie and Teresa.

Liana and Alexa are best friends who share everything and they love to sing. There is a lot of singing in this movie. Liana finds two heart shaped diamonds one day in the river. Then a storm comes out of nowhere. Liana makes the two hearts in two necklaces for each of them. The next morning they discover that the storm destroyed their flowers and they sell flowers for a living. They sell the flowers they have left and on the way back home they meet a beggar woman. Liana feels sorry for her and gives her lunch to her and the old woman gives Liana a mirror. As they clean the mirror and sing they find a girl named Melody. She is stuck in the mirror but has the key to the Diamond Castle. Melody hid in the mirror to keept Lydia from getting the key. Now, Melody needs the help of Liana and Alexa to help her. The dragon, Slyder, hears Melody singing and tells Lydia. Lydia is out to find Melody and get the key to the Diamond Castle. The rest of the movie is about their journey to the Diamond Castle and on the way they find two puppies and twin brothers. Liana and Alexa will have their friendship tested many times during this movie. This is a lovely movie and was worth the $14.99. It was a wonderful birthday present for a little girl.