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Bare Escentuals Ingredient Warning!

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dohdeelicious By dohdeelicious on
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This is going to be wildly unpopular but I've got to be honest.

Like many women, I have sensitive skin. Prone to hormonal eruptions. Oily T-zone. Noticeable pores. Finding make-up that doesn't change color after a few hours, result in skin 'issues' or match my skin tone is not an easy feat. I know I'm not alone in this dilemma.

I'd heard fabulous tales of bareMinerals make-up. I tried it. On initial application, my skin felt tingly. I chalked it up to using a "new" and "different" type of cosmetic. For the first couple of weeks, my skin looked pretty darn good. The color didn't "turn" and was a near-perfect match for my skin tone.

And then it happened... my skin started to look worse than awful. Cystic acne, burning, and itching. It was not a pretty sight.

I ran screaming to my Aesthetician. She asked me about changes to my skin care routine: None. She asked me about changes to my diet: None. She asked me about any increase in my stress level: No more than usual. Then, she asked me about changes in my cosmetics.

When I told her I'd been using bareMinerals foundation powder by Bare Escentuals she told me to throw away any remaining product I had at home. She told me the Bismuth Oxychloride causes redness, itching, burning in many womean and cystic acne in some.

If you have sensitive skin, acneic skin, oily skin, Bismuth Oxychloride is _not_ your friend.

After quite a few visits with her my skin began to return to normal. My $25 purchase cost me a small fortune in skin care remedying treatments!

I wanted to like this product. Truly wanted to like it. I certainly used it long after I'd started having problems. Stupid me.

Since using powder foundation from bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals, I've heard of quite a few women who have had very similar experiences to mine. Of course, some have had good experiences with this product line [lucky for them!].

If you've tried mineral cosmetics and they've made your face burn or itch, blame the Bismuth Oxychloride. Mineral cosmetics are a great concept. Don't give up on a more natural cosmetic because of your skin's reaction to a filler product. In cosmetic manufacturing, the showcased raw ingredients are not cheap. Many companies use fillers to reduce their costs in _all_ cosmetics not just in mineral make-up.

My Aesthetician recommended several alternative mineral make-up lines to me: GloMinerals [Liquid], Illuminare, & Jane Iredale. I've been using GloMinerals' Foundation for 2 years now and have not had the problems I unfortunately encountered with bareMinerals foundation from Bare Escentuals.

Just remember, when products don't work, it's not you, it's the product.