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Bare Essentials Cosmetic Brushes

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The Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush is one of the best cosmetic brushes that I have ever used when applying powder makeup. I have many different beauty products and feel that the Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush is one of my favorite beauty accessories. It is so good that I keep a spare one in my desk at work to do touch-up on my makeup as well.

Quality of the Bare Essentials Cosmetic Brush

The quality of the Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush is outstanding. Have you had a perfectly good make-up application ruined because bristles from the cosmetic brush ended up stuck on your face? There were numerous times prior to finding the Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush that I had to completely re-do my make-up and ended up being late because of brush bristles falling out and ruining all my work.

The other problem that I have had with other cosmetic brushes is the handle breaking. I am not sure how the manufacturer expects you to put on your makeup when the head of the brush falls off the handle or worse yet the handle completely breaks in half! It can be extremely frustrating. The good news is that you will not have this problem with the Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush. I have yet to have the head fall off or the handle crack or break when I have used this brush.

Bare Essentials Cosmetic Brush Material

The Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush is made from goat's hair. This means that you can get a light application for bronzing or all over coverage. I also like to use it to apply a light coat of blush on my cheeks for special occasions. Some brushes pick up so much of the make-up that you end up with lines on your face or a caked on mess. You end up wasting time washing your face and starting over. The brush material is excellent to use with mineral powders and to get an even appearance of your make-up. You have a flawless complexion without all the work and hassle of sponges and other traditional make-up brushes.

Cleaning Your Bare Essentials Cosmetic Brush

Because the Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush is made from goat's hair, the brush is extremely easy to clean. I like to clean my brushes every few days to keeping the brushes sanitized and in good condition. The Bare Essentials Cosmetic brushes dry quickly and are ready to use the next day if I clean them right before I go to bed.

Price for Bare Essentials Cosmetic Brushes

Compared to other cosmetic brushes, you will find that the Bare Essentials Cosmetic brush is a bit pricey. I have several that I use. However, the quality and the durability of these brushes make it worth every penny that you spend on them. I usually find mine at the beauty supply store for around twenty dollars. The good news is that I don't have to purchase them very often because they last so long and are so well made.