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Bare Minerals Makeup

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By melissame on
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I have tried for years to find a makeup that wouldn't melt off of my face in hot weather or look like a mask after I applied it. Liquid foundations were NOT the answer. Neither were "cream to powders" or any powder makeup I ever tried. (And I've tried dozens beginning from age 13. I'm now 27.)

Both of my sisters started wearing Bare Minerals and I was impressed how beautiful and flawless their skin looked. But neither of my sisters have the level of skin problems that I do. I have acne, scarring, VERY large pore, and my face is extremely oily. I figured it couldn't hurt to give Bare Minerals a try. After all, I'd tried everything else.

Bare Minerals is everything I could have hoped for and more! My skin looks air-brushed and almost completely flawless. I'm not going to lie and say it hides everything - no makeup possibly can, but it does work wonders on my skin! I don't have near as many breakouts and when I do, they're not as bad. If I fall asleep without washing my face I don't wake up to a dozen new pimples in the morning. It's light, airy, and non-drying. Yet on my very oily skin I can go almost all day without a touch up. (And when I do a touch-up, just a little of the mineral veil is all I need!)

The downside to the makeup is it IS expensive. If you're going to buy it, be prepared to fork over a hefty amount of change. A decent starter kit is around $60. You can find samples of the product on eBay a lot cheaper so you don't have to commit. As much as I love the make up, not everone does. The packaging leaves something to be desired as well. It can get a bit messy and there's a little bit of a learning curve when you're first applying it. They do furnish you with a DVD that teaches you the proper application method and I highly recommend watching it. The biggest thing with Bare Minerals is LESS is MORE. The makeup lasts forever, it seems. A jar of foundation and a jar of mineral veil usually last me several months and I apply makeup every single day.

All in all this is great stuff!