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Bare Minerals: The Best Makeup For Busy Mothers

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By momijw on
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Escentuals Bare Beauty Best Makeup

As a stay at home mother to three children, I don't have a lot of time to fuss over my beauty routine every day. That is why I was so happy when I was introduced to Bare Minerals foundation by my own mother. This foundation is so easy to use, simply swirl the brush into the mineral foundation and buff it all over your face for a clean, even look. It hardly takes any time at all to get a professional look going for myself and anyone can get the same fresh look with this makeup. I buff a little of the finishing veil overtop to complete the routine, this sets everything up to stay oil free and fresh throughout the entire day without retouching.

There are many different shades to complement and match any skin tone, making it easy to pick one that will make any woman look beautiful without making them look too made up. It is also well suited for any skin type, actually clearing up skin problems that one might have. If I can put on this makeup and look nice, then anyone can. It comes in a convenient container that makes the foundation easy to use and never leaves a mess. It stays on my face from the beginning of the day well into the night, without needing touched up. The brushes from this company are soft and smooth and a great complement to the mineral foundation. Anyone could use this makeup with any kind of brush, but I would definitely persuade one to buy at least one of the brushes as they are so luxurious and long lasting!

It is not the cheapest foundation that one could buy, but I consider the price to be well worth it. One container of foundation seems to last for a while and I don't have to use concealer with it. It is like a concealer and foundation in one, not to mention a blemish fighter as well! It takes the place of many products, so it actually saves me money. I would much rather pay the price for this foundation, than pay a little less for a foundation that doesn't give me as much back and I have heard many other people agree with me!

It also keeps my face acne and oil free, leaving my skin softer and smoother than it was before I began using it. I was constantly breaking out with other foundation, but not with this one. I can even leave it on overnight, in case I forget to wash it off, and it never makes my face break out.When applying, you can use as much or as little as you want, it's up to you. After one coat, if you feel it's not enough, then simply put on another coat. It also doesn't make a mess on your clothes while applying because after you swirl the brush into the makeup, then you simply shake the brush and the excess comes off. It stays on really well, without rubbing off, long after you apply. It's also easy to wash off with a wash cloth and a little water. It makes a simple beauty routine even simpler and better looking!

There are so many other products from this company, such as blush, eyeshadow, and different brushes, that I haven't had the opportunity to try them all out. I do plan on trying at least one of everything someday, but the products I have tried, I have enjoyed and have used with ease. I will continue to buy from this company for years to come. After all, with three kids, a husband, a house, and pets to take care of, who wouldn't want a product that makes their beauty routine more simple, fast, and flawless?