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Bare Minerals Foundation

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By donna on
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I can't stand the feel of thick, goopy foundations, so I spent years sacrificing coverage for comfort by using tinted moisturizers and other light makeup. I've seen mineral makeup commercials for years and was interested in the idea, but after getting burned (literally) by one of those pasta pots I had a rule about not buying anything with an infomercial. Eventually I met a person who used BareMinerals, and she raved about it enough that I finally decided to break my rule.

For someone who mostly buys drug store brands unless it's Free Gift time at the department stores, BareMinerals seems expensive. I was happy to learn that a little of the foundation goes a long way. The amount that comes with the starter kit has lasted me over four months, but I only use it about 4 times a week so others may go through their supply faster. So in terms of price, I would say that BareMinerals is a decent deal.

It's easy and fast to apply, though it will take time and experimentation to get the best results. Moisturizing before using the foundation is a must, at least for people with dry to normal skin. If I skip this step then the makeup just doesn't seem to blend in with my skin tone. The only downside of applying BareMinerals is that it can be a bit messy, maybe I'm just a klutz but I tend to get a little of the powder on my clothes or the table while opening and closing the jars. After finding that the lighter color in the starter kit didn't give enough coverage and the darker didn't look natural enough, I found that mixing the two was the best look for me.

BareMinerals has decent, but not amazing, staying power. If you apply it before going out for drinks, it will still look fine when you get home. But I couldn't put it on first thing in the morning and have it last past dinner. It's really fast to touch up though, so this wasn't a big deal to me.

While I really enjoy the look of BareMinerals, I can't give it a great overall rating because of the way the makeup feels. I've heard some fans of BareMinerals say that it feels like they aren't wearing makeup, that was never the case for me. It's amazingly light compared to typical liquid foundation, but I could always feel it. That, in itself, is no big deal. But my dealbreaker for BareMinerals is that it often makes my face itch. Some days I can barely feel it, and others the itching is so bad that I have to wash the makeup off.

There must be some ingredient in BareMinerals foundation that I'm having a bad reaction to. It's a shame, because I love the look of the makeup and how fast and easy it is to use. I spent some time in denial, trying to pretend that the makeup wasn't the thing causing the irritation. But now I've packed the BareMinerals away, and am researching other brands to see if I can find one that gives me the look I've come to love without making me want to scratch off my skin.

Lots of people seem to use this product without discomfort, so I'd encourage anyone interested in BareMinerals to give it a shot. Without the itch, I'd be very pleased with the foundation.