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Bark Control System

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I have 2 dogs and my older one has the bad habit to bark when he hears something outside of the house or see someone through the window. I hate this and I hate the fact that my new puppy has started to do the same thing, she is a real copycat. I did some research on the internet and ended up on the PetSafe webpage.They sell different products to train your dog. I was interested in the Guardian ultrasonic indoor bark system. It looked very interesting. So I was able to locate the nearest store that sell this product, which was Canadian Tire, and I went ahead and bought the Guardian bark control system.The ultrasonic indoor bark system emits loud ultrasonic sound which should deters your dog from barking. The bark control system is supposed to have instant activation from the microphone when the dog barks. There is also a manual activation button on the top of the device.

I am disappointed with the Guardian bark control system. Firstly, it doesn't emits the ultrasonic sound automatically as it's supposed to. I even tried to bring the monitor close to my dog when he barks and it didn't emit the ultrasonic sound by itself. Secondly, when I press the manual button, it doesn't emit a sound everytime. I have to press and press the button again for the bark control to work.

The first time I tried the Guardian ultrasonic bark control, my older dog jumped in the air, he was surprised by the ultrasonic sound. But now, he seems uses to it. When he barks, I press several times on the manual activation button for my dog to stop barking. But 15 minutes later, when he hears something from outside of the house, he barks again. I have used this bark control system for 2 weeks now. I don't recommand this product.